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Why can’t someone just help me. Worst customer service period.

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Since the 23rd of November I’ve callled and called and called Telus. Sat on hold for over 18 hours, called them over 15 times, been promised four times callback from loyalty, scheduled two manager call backs, never received a single one. Been hung up on 6 times. Had two employees flat out call me an idiot and told me that they will erase the record for the call so they can say what they want with no name attached and they have, and have been transfers dozens of times and in the end if not having the call terminated or transfers that put me right back into the cue or been told I’d receive a call back and then didn’t, the other times I’ve simply been told ‘I don’t know’ or ‘you have to talk to webstore/vice versa’ or ‘that department is closed call back’. So I don’t know what to do. I had my daughters Christmas gift all ordered the price and items ordered and I haven’t received a thing and I can’t reach anyone at all who can help answer my questions. Everyone passes the buck or pees in my ear and tells me it’s raining and now with time and more than half a work week wasted in time spent on the phone to get nowhere I don’t have a plan b and I won’t be able to get my daughter (I’m a single dad) what I planned on and not due to anything I have done but due to Telus worst ever customer service who lies and blames everyone else or is beyond rude. So here is m question.

Without calling the posted line, the toll free numbers are there any other direct lines that I can call to talk to someone who can help? I can’t afford to sit on hold every day for weeks to get no where. I’ve been promised calll backs and scheduled them and haven’t gotten one. I’ve filled out the online complaint form three times, the one where it says if nothing else works and never received a response. It reallly takes a toll on a person when they pay for the whole slate of services, internet TV and mobile and can’t even get help on things they ordered and are called names by employees and ignored by everyoene, and then cant even cancel TV and Internet due to it because I will be penalized for early cancellation but yet have had to pay for a cell phone for three months now that I can’t even use. Not a single minute and am now receiving daily disconnect threat emails and texts after three weeks which I will not pay until this is dealt with. Everything was paid up on the 23rd of November and I’m not about to call in again to ask again when all I have is an even longer list or items I would have to speak to when I can’t even get the first items dealt with in the first place. Im stuck and can’t get out and am paying for services they aren’t even providing and now I’m sure I won’t be able to get my presents for my daughters Christmas as i should have and I’m beyond a loss for what I should do next or who can I call as I can’t afford to waste hour after hour waiting on hold just to be lied to. Not a single time has been dealt with. Not one. Aside from going to the media I would just like someone to help me and keep their word. It’s beyond acceptable. Worst ever. By far.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. I'll send you a private message to discuss further, thanks.

I don’t use either of those social accounts with my name on them and don’t feel comfortable doing that. So please find another way. I’m on the road today and I’m not interested in pulling over just to type out private info.
What’s the other option?