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Why are Telus retail prices so far off _actual_ retail prices?

Helpful Neighbour

Why are Telus retail prices so much higher than actual retail prices? For example the Galaxy S23 Ultra:

On, you can see that the regular retail price of the S23 Ultra 512GB Black is $1,889.99 (plus a discount of $240).



We can see that BestBuy is offering the same retail price as Samsuing (with a similar discount).



But telus is asking $2335.00 for the same device. Even if we ignore the discount (which is being universally offered at every other retailer) that is is $445 more! That is 24% about official retail price.





I am really confused? I thought there was some legislation about charging about MSRP? Even if there isn't legislation, this is gouging and a bad look.  The $445 "discount" they are offering is essentially just bringing the phone back to actual MSRP.


I found this is the case with pretty much all their devices.



One word: Greed!

That makes me glad I ordered mine through T-Mobile. $15 a month for 24 month and a whopping $34 in taxes was due up front. Good promos and good carrier deals and my device is already SIM unlocked and ready to add my Telus SIM as an eSIM when I return to Canada.

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Community Power User

$68.75 * 24 = $1649.76 (from your 4th photo) seems competitive.


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That's more than my Magenta Max plan for T-Mobile costs with the S23 Ultra 512GB on a 2 year EIP costs me per month and mine includes all taxes and fees.

Helpful Neighbour
Those are the payments after the $445 "discount". You lose the discount if you walk from contract. It is a work around for the law passed a few years ago saying cel companies can't enforce early buyout fees on contracts.


I noticed this too. They artificially increase the base price of the phone so you get hit with a massive charge if you try to get out of your contract early. It's super sleazy.