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Warranty without Telus Account. Help!

Just Moved In

I'm trying to use the 12 month warranty on my certified pre-owned device that I purchased from the Telus webstore. However, I do not have a Telus account.

I went into a brick and mortar corporate Telus store and the rep said I needed to have an that he could process the warranty request. He suggested the following.

1) Have a friend on Telus "add" the IMEI to his account. I phoned Telus and they said they can't do this manually. Once the SIM card is inserted into the phone, the system will automatically "add" the IMEI. Is there a way to add it separately?

2) Contact webstore and have them get me to possibly send the phone directly to the manufacturer repair outlet. I phoned the webstore and they claim this has never happened before...someone claiming the warranty without having an account. They said they will get back to me...

From all the fine print I've read...the warranty is attached to the phone and NOT whether or not I have an account with Telus. The rep at the store also said that setting up a prepaid account wouldn't work either.

Can anyone here help me? Thanks in advance.


Just Moved In

The warranty isn't attached to a TELUS account, if you stop by a store they should be able to see if it's been activated.  Usually, putting a SIM card in the phone would activate it.  Has there been a TELUS SIM card inserted in it at all?


If not, there are other solutions in store to send it out!