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Voice mail to text… audio attachment?

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I recently re-joined Telus after being with Rogers for 20 years. (I was previously a Clearnet customer before they were bought by Telus.)


One feature I had on Rogers was voicemail-to-text. With Rogers, you would get a transcription of the voice message in a text message, AND they would include the voice mail as an audio attachment. I never had to log into my voice mail at all, and I could save the attachments if I needed to keep them.


I signed up for voicemail-to-text with Telus, and the transcription is VERY good, but there are no audio attachments. If I want to hear the message, I have to log in to my voice mail. I'd really rather not have to do that.


Does anybody know if voice recording attachments are a feature that can be enabled?


Community Power User
Community Power User

I've simply set my iPhone up to automatically connect to VM. That lets me both view the transcription and hear the message which has been downloaded to my phone. You can check out Visual Voicemail here or here.


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You have Visual Voicemail AND voicemail-to-text? Or does Visual Voicemail also give you a transcript?