Tethering & Visual Voicemail


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Does Telus plan on enabling tethering and visual voicemail on windows phone? Both of these features are built into the operating system, and telus has enabled tethering on all other operating systems as well as visual voicemail on iOS.  I don't see why Telus has crippled this functionality for WP.

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With visual voicemail, I think they are going to keep it exclusive for iOS devices. If you do need it though, you can switch to other carriers as they do have it enabled for other phones.


I don't think it will be coming anytime soon. Android has had visual voicemail support for two years and Telus hasn't added support for it so I doubt they would for Windows Phones

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Tethering is available on the Ativ S.  It was possible on the Optimus 7 with Windows Phone 7, but a hack was needed.  On the Ativ S with Windows Phone 8, its OOBE.


Most WP 7.x devices (via various official updates) have tethering (internet sharing).

I am almost 99.9% sure that all WP 8 devices have it on the TELUS network.


My friend did pickup a unlocked Nokia 520 - that didn't have the tether option available.  He, with the TELUS SIM in, reset the phone - and the option to tether appeared.


Regarding Visual Vocalmail.. Agree with the previous posts - TELUS must be keeping it exclusive for Apple so far.  Wish it was available for all devices that support it.