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Samsung Galaxy Note 8


Are you guys kidding me?


I went to sign up for a preorder and it hasnt been 24 hours on sale yet and you have upped the price by $50? 

The greed at Telus is outstanding!



Also why is there no option to buy this device outright?

Seriously Telus, you guys are just getting worse.

Community Power User
Community Power User
There is a way to buy the device outright from the exact same place you could have for previous devices. Direct from Samsung.

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The pre-order is coming direct from Samsung's website or by calling them at their number. I'm not aware of any $50 price change. It's been priced at $129 the entire time. If you were viewing it on perhaps you had pressed a difference province? As prices can vary depending on province. Telus will not sell the phone outright from us during pre-order. Samsung may be though! It's just too popular a phone. Telus will want you on a contract as that's more beneficial to them as a business. 

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Any word on what Samsung is doing for former Note 7 owners in Canada yet?

I mean I had to get a Pixel XL due to the Note 7 debacle. Its a decent phone but wasnt my choice in devices. 

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Community Power User

At present no. You will need to wait for Samsung to announce what they plan for Canada.

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Yes I am aware, but thank you. Was just hoping that someone at Telus may have heard something already.

I am looking to preorder, but so far no one knows anything on how the former Note 7 owners will be given their incentive to buy the Note 8.

So word on the street is Samsung Canada is NOT offering an incentive afterall. Such a disappointment.

According to Samsung Canada's Facebook page, they posted on Sunday that there were plans to offer Note 7 users a discount.


As for a question I have about the Note 8, does anyone know what type of cable connection it will have. Will it be micro-USB, USB-C, or some proprietary type of connection?

Really easy to find:


USB Type-C

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Has anyone who pre-ordered the Note 8 received any shipping notices yet? I've seen that T-Mobile and Verizon have started to ship the devices already, with some users expecting to receive their Note 8's as early as today. Is Telus also shipping them out early?

As far as I understand, Telus will ship a few days before release date to make sure it is in your hands on or a day before the 15th.

What is Telus planning on selling the Note8 for outright, once the device is in the stores? I have pre-ordered the device for $750, but have no idea what the subsidy amount is. I know the MSRP is $1300, but I see that both Bell and Rogers are selling it outright for more than MSRP (probably as a result of lost revenue from device unlocking is my guess).

Your guess would be as accurate as that of any of us here. The members of the Neighbourhood have no insight to Telus' plans, so we would need to make a guess based on Samsung's MSRP.


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I wasn't asking for a guess, I'm asking for the price Telus is charging me for a phone I already ordered. I know I paid $750 on a 2 year contract, but have yet to see how much device subsidy that includes. And Telus hasn't posted a price, unlike Bell and Rogers. Hypothetically, Telus could decide to charge $2000 for the Note8, and it's customers that pre-ordered would be screwed into having a large device subsidy hanging over them, effectively making it very near impossible to buy out the subsidy and change carriers if they so choose. I'm pretty sure the Wireless Code even has rules about this, and since they haven't told me what the device subsidy is, I am going under the assumption that it is not subsidized at all with the $750. And I am sure the CCTS would agree with me on that. The lack of transparency from Telus is horrible for this device.

Hi Bases,


We would only have that information once the price is listed on the website. It should be up soon. Most devices are subsidized in very much the same way, so there shouldn't be any surprises when/and if the purchasing outright option and price become available from TELUS.