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S6 Edge Marshmallow bug fix?

Just Moved In
The recent Marshmallow update created several bugs on my S6 Edge. It was working perfectly before the update, but it now has the following issues:
- no network connectivity (very rarely able to make voice calls, all incoming calls go straight to voicemail mail, SMS and MMS also unreliable)
- no 4G or LTE data connecticity at all (regardless of network mode)
- frequently overheats with rapid battery drain
- Bluetooth errors

Basically the only function still working is the WIFI. I've wiped the cache partition, data resets, and 2 full factory resets (using manual mode), and tried a brand new SIM.card. Nothing has helped.

Is Telus going to be rolling out a bug fix anytime soon? I was advised by a telus store rep to "just wait it out"... it has been 2 weeks.
Please tell me a bug fix is in the works?!

Have you tried a factory reset?

Just Moved In

I'm tempted to go to a different phone since the s6 edge downgraded to Marshmallow.


My GPS also isn't working anymore.  Hope a bug fix is coming before I need to go traveling