S6 Edge Marshmallow bug fix?


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The recent Marshmallow update created several bugs on my S6 Edge. It was working perfectly before the update, but it now has the following issues:
- no network connectivity (very rarely able to make voice calls, all incoming calls go straight to voicemail mail, SMS and MMS also unreliable)
- no 4G or LTE data connecticity at all (regardless of network mode)
- frequently overheats with rapid battery drain
- Bluetooth errors

Basically the only function still working is the WIFI. I've wiped the cache partition, data resets, and 2 full factory resets (using manual mode), and tried a brand new SIM.card. Nothing has helped.

Is Telus going to be rolling out a bug fix anytime soon? I was advised by a telus store rep to "just wait it out"... it has been 2 weeks.
Please tell me a bug fix is in the works?!
Have you tried a factory reset?

I'm tempted to go to a different phone since the s6 edge downgraded to Marshmallow.


My GPS also isn't working anymore.  Hope a bug fix is coming before I need to go traveling