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Possible phone scam

Just received a call from a girl named Evan claiming to be with Telus promotions centre out of Ontario but the call came from 1-780-463-5453 and came up as “Edmonton AB” on my phone. She claimed to be offering me a new phone for $50 - 60gb of data among other things. She asked for my name, DOB, email address and mailing address to send out new phone - which I provided, then I told her I have a plan on the bring it back program she said “no problem! You will no longer have to send phone back or pay the bring it back amount and the phone now belonged to me.” Which seemed too good to be true… she asked how long I’d been with Telus and if this was the only account I have. Then she asked what was the name on my drivers license to which I replied “I’m not sure why that’s relevant as the name on my Telus account is what I’ve told you..” she went on about needing to verify something and that something in my account had an “i” I’m assuming she was digging for my married name as my husbands account is actually the primary name. She went on about needing to verify this for delivery and asked for my DL# that’s when I got concerned and told her I don’t trust this as it sounds like a scam she kept mentioning it was all legit and offered to provide a direct #…. Numbers she provided sounded very off mind you I couldn’t fully understand her either… 8077-7013-13 & 877-9056 181 ?? I pretended to be “looking for my DL and then claimed I couldn’t find it and would have to call back she tried to tell me then “it’s ok we have other methods” I said “no thanks I’m more concerned that I cannot find my drivers license I will return the call once I do”
Pretty sure I just about to scammed I guess my concern is did I provide her with too much information already? Super worried about identity theft at this point 🫤

Community Manager
Community Manager

There are definitely red flags in that conversation you had. If you haven't done so already, I would encourage you to report this to the Canada Anti-fraud Centre.


From the sound of it, the call appears to be a scam. For the future, if TELUS contacts you about promos and/or offers, we will always leave a detailed note on the account about the correspondence so that you can call back at your convenience to verify.



Thank you! I definitely will report it to the anti-fraud centre! 🙏🏻

Just Moved In

i received similar promotion deal 50 and 75 gigs data the agent kept trying to get my credit card details... well turns out they work for telus as i have called the *611 three times and it was confirmed by these agents. now I received 2 phones a land line phone and totally different deals that I never agreed to. Telus has been compromised. trying to return unopened boxes and cancel my crazy phone bill associated

Phoned Telus they confirmed it was definitely a scam. Helped me change my email address on my account just incase.