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Phone number being auto-blocked by phone

For the past week, my mother's phone number is being auto blocked by my phone (Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus). It's a new phone. I have had it for a couple of weeks but this problem has only started happening the past few days. Her number is not in the blocked callers list and I have cleared the cache on both the phone and contacts app and restarted the phone, but she is still being blocked.


What do you mean by blocked? What does your mother hear on her end when she calls?

Does your phone show a missed call or nothing at all?

On my mother's end, it automatically gets sent to voice mail. On my end, when she does call, my phone doesn't ring but I do get the voice mail notification. In my contacts, under her number, in the history, it says "Blocked call, Declined by phone". I do not get a notification that I missed the call, I only see it when I specifically go into the phone app and the contacts app.

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Community Manager

Hi there! 


Is your mother's number the only one that gets blocked?


Have you tried to remove the number from the contacts list and re-add it? 

No it isn't. My home landline also gets auto-blocked.

I didn't realize others were being blocked until I was just asked and checked. Haven't been getting many phone calls the past week as my brothers have been out of town.

Did a bit more research and discovered my phone has an option called "Call Barring" but when I press on it to view the options, it searches for a bit then gives me the following error: "Failed to read data. Something went wrong. Check your SIM card or network connection, then try again."

You mentioned the problem is recent. There was an OS update from Samsung that started rolling out Sept 6. It's possible there is a bug in the update. 

@T-Speed has the fix. There is a glitch in your contacts on your phone. Remove her contact entirely and create it again.


[Edit] Disregard the above. I didn't scroll down to see your other messages.