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No service for a month. Telus says the problem is me.

Friendly Neighbour
I'm at a complete loss here.

Since travelling to Vancouver and back to Toronto a month ago my service has gone down the gutter. In fact, it's as though it gets worse every day. Dropped calls, calls that don't connect, vmails received with no missed calls, people telling me my line is not in service, constant "no signal" messages. My phone worked perfectly fine before my trip.

I own a dual sim Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra (SM-9980). And while I realize Telus doesn't consider my device a "supported" device, this doesn't explain why it worked fine up until last month for the last year and a half.

I've called Telus tech support 5 times in the last 6 weeks. Everyone has a different answer. And everyone has speculates differently as to what the problem is. We've tried:

- Many soft resets of the phone
- Wiping the network settings
- Manually adding Telus' APN settings
- Removing VoLTE and re-adding it
- Tried a new Telus sim
- Swapped sim slots (one is Telus the other is Bell)

I should also mention I no longer have WiFi caing either (which worked perfectly fine before). I notice for the rare moments I can actually make a calls my data signal drops to H or H+.

The final call I made I escalated and asked that they open a ticket to investigate this. Telus claims its the fact I'm using an unsupported phone. And this why VoLTE doesn't work. If my phone is unsupported then why do I have zero service problems on my Bell sim card? And why is that WiFi calling is currently enabled with my Bell sim? This tells me the problem is with Telus.

The results of my "escalation" came back yesterday: "TELUS Message: We have received a ticket for your service issues but found no performance related issues on the cell tower serving your area. Your current device will not work on the TELUS VoLTE network ( or TELUS WiFi-calling network ( Thanks for being a TELUS customer. Free TELUS msg."

How much longer do I have to suffer with no service? It's been a month now and no resolution in sight.

Community Power User
Community Power User

There are two possibilities. Telus made changes to it's underlying infrastructure that's now rendered your unsupported device unusable. The other is that there have been ongoing reports of issues with this phone related to software updates:


Samsung Galaxy S21 Problems: 5 Things You Need to Know (


In either case it's unlikely Telus can assist with this.

Just a long time customer hoping to help.