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No Compensation for poor services


I am very disappointed that I was unable to contact my family during Fiona .. and Telus has offered no compensation.



@Helene  If you were unable get to a number in Florida during Fiona likely cell towers were laying on the ground and tel and power wires also. Problem at Florida end.

No reason where I was in NS Canada we had very little damage in Halifax

@Helene  Little damage  you don't know. All it takes tree breaks the wire power line falls and enters the cables and burns out a lot of communication equipment. Takes days even months to repair thanks to supply chain for not enough spare parts. To costly for spares for everything. 


sorry but I have a cell phone for emergencies.. if it is useless during an emergency I might as well just have the landline

@Helene  Telus can't control mother nature. Land line probably not working also.

exactly...  anyways.. I live in the area .. I see the damage.. and would not expect to lose cell service. 

@Helene  Cell towers may have batt backup or a gen depending on service area. If you had home phone on fiber it will not work you need a batt backup installed then only good for about a day. Compensation you wish.......

Community Power User
Community Power User

I guess that would be dependent on what is an emergency for you. Most of us consider the use of a cellphone for personal emergencies when we are away from home. To expect it to remain available in all instances of natural disasters is unrealistic.

Depending on the length of outage, Telus may offer some compensation, but the Terms and Conditions of cellular service state clearly that the service is subject to interruption for a variety of reasons. In any case, any compensation will not be anything close to immediate.


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