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IMEI Lock Issue


Hi There,


Im wondering if someone can help give me answers- I recently (2 months ago) switched to Telus from Rogers. I bought a new phone from Telus at one of their physical locations. Fast forward to last week- my service cuts out unexpectedly.


Upon getting through to telus support, they told me they can't solve my problem and It needs to go to the Fraud department. They explain that at some point my phone was marked as sold in the system to someone who was doing fraud, but never sent out and returned to their inventory. Sometime after that, I bought the phone (sealed box) in store, and two months later service is cut.


Service was restored 24h later, so I gave them a break and decided to not make a big deal about it. 


3 Days later, service was cut off again, and now when I phone they tell me it is under investigation with their fraud department, and that there is no email/contact for them.  It has been 48ish hours and the service has yet to be restored. I've called twice and both times no one is able to give me any details on why this is happening- I am fairly phone saavy so I understand the EMEI lock, but what I can't discern is why it keeps getting flagged, when it is in their records as have been purchased directly by them.


I now have missed almost 5 days of service, all while having applied for Jobs that I can't get callbacks from... 


Does anyone have any ideas of how to expedite this or why its happening?!