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Having trouble linking my Apple watch with LTE to my Corporate Plan


Is anyone else having issues getting results for linking their Apple watch (with LTE) to their corporate plan? I switched so i would be able to link both and each time I call they say they will get back to me. I bought the watch from apple itself and have only tried to set it up with Telus. Any thoughts or resolutions? 


Community Power User
Community Power User

To my knowledge, Telus does not provision Apple Watch on corporate accounts. Possibly because many such accounts are managed centrally by (large) company IT departments, who do not have authority to add personal devices to company accounts. Because of this, Telus does not differentiate between the various corporate accounts they offer.


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I wasn't sure if that would apply as I am with the exclusive partner program, so my plan isn't linked with my company directly. I have called a few times and they say i need to get the peace of mind connect for apple watch (my og plan has shareable data) and for 0$ due to that. They said they are working on some technical details and they would call me back. Its been about 5 months and nothing. Last time i called the rep was more or less like stop calling us we'll let you know.