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I'm looking to purchase a new phone, but I need a something smaller than what I have now (Galaxy S3). I really like the look and feel of the HTC One Mini but it is only available from Rogers. If I buy one from them and have it unlocked, will it work with Telus?

Does anyone have any other recommendations for small screen phones?
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It should work. Just pay attention to Roger's unlocking charges and procedures.

Smaller screen? Love my Q10.

I am also thinking the same thing.  I have an HTC One V that I am using and it does the job.  The HTC One mini is slightly bigger than what I'm using now, and duh obviously way better I would think.  Rogers/Fido sell their HTC One mini for $400, then you would have to get it unlocked.  I don't think they will let you unlock it without first activating it on their network and then getting the code after 90 days.  You're better off getting it unlocked from the private shops that do that.  Or I have seen a lot of craigslist ads ranging from $250 to $350 for the phone.  Let me know how the phone works I might buy one myself.


iPhone 4s is about the same size but I didn't like it when I used it.



Found this, of course only if you live in Vancouver would this make sense.

"Or I have seen a lot of craigslist ads ranging from $250 to $350 for the phone."
Before you buy any used phone you should verify it isn't stolen.