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Galaxy s8 LTE battery drain

I got a Galaxy s8 and the phone drains 4-5% per hour when on standby and screen off with nothing synced and no apps installed (except battery monitor). When I switch to GSM/WCDMA, I don't have this issue. The signal is strong. My galaxy s7 drains about 0.8% per hour in the same situation.

Anyone has this issue?


As you can see below, on LTE it went down very fast clost to 5% per hour, thenw hen I switched to WCDMA/HSPA, it stayed at 70% for over 4 hours, then I switched back to LTE, it started going down. Most of the drain is reported as "unaccounted" in battery stats. I'm not sure if it's just the firmware not reporting battery consumption right.



Would be great if someone with an S8 on Telus can give feedback.

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@hishakThere is plenty of chatter (32 pages) of battery life issues with the S8. You can have a gander here for more issues people are having. Perhaps you can pluck out something useful. iOS user here, so not much further assistance to you. I'm guessing a software update will be issued sooner or later with optimizations.

@SarahBishop wrote:

You try to reboot or even reset your device. This is an option that doesn’t try to find a flaw but rather eliminates all the potential weaknesses from the very beginning. Instead of investigating, you do a backup of all your data and then perform a factory reset. Your Galaxy S8 will end up with a clean system, just like it was in the first day you got it. You can use the backup to get your information back and continue to use the device, see what happens if the battery is still draining suspiciously fast.

Thanks for the response. I already factory reset the phone. I get the same drain even with no google account , just phone + sim on LTE

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Samsung has had a history of issues like this. More often than not it was software related. If they've repeated their past mistakes, you may just have to wait for Samsung to release an update.

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I've had similar issues on the s6 edge but not on the s7 edge. I wanted to see if another Telus S8 user has this issue. My phone is almost at 50% by the time I leave work and I've only used the phone for 20 minutes... Without LTE it lasts over a day.

Maybe it has to do with the new Quad BAND LTE Advanced, maybe the Snapdragon 835 Modem is not fully optimized for it yet

I bought the S8+ and my battery was draining fast. I did the reset and nothing changed. I sent it back and got another one as the guy at the Telus store said it could just be that phone's issue. Same thing with the 2nd phone so I sent it back too. What's the point of having a new phone where the battery doesn't last as long as my S6 does. And I totally optimized it, shut all the Apps off, etc etc....nothing worked to improve the battery life. I've read online that others are also having the same issues with the S8/S8+ batteries. So you are not alone!

Seems the consensus on the many Samsung forums is a software issue that Samsung has to optimize/fix. If and when the software engineers can correct the issue is another story, as it seems like a fairly common problem S8/S8+.

This is horrible, the Canadian update always comes out late , we are told that they go through alot more testing . Yet we get a terrible firmware. I'm thinking it's because of the Quad Band LTE-A support update (June 2nd update).  I think Rogers users don't have this issue since  Rogers doesn't support it (Quad Band LTE-A) yet, only Telus and Bell.

Yes. Theres is definitely something wrong with the Canadian firmware . If you look at the images I posted, battery drain doesn't come from applications, the drain is "unaccounted".The international version of the S8, the one with the Exynos processor has no such issues.


When I get my phone back from Samsung for the 3rd time (they will probably say again that there is nothing wrong with it),  I will install the firmware prior to the Quand Band LTE update and see if it works better.

My S7 Edge's battery life is so much better (more than 2x). 




I wonder if we will ever get a fix. The Canadian version is the only with this issue. It's bad that you don't touch your phone for 8 hours and it trained over 40%. While on s7 its not more than 10%. I'm using the phone on HSPA +, it drains 0.4% per hour on standby, which is 10-15 less than LTE. I'm not sure how Telus tested this firmware. We get told that they go through crazy testing and hence the delay... Yeah right...