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Exercising BRING-IT-BACK option after transferring number to a new provider

Just Moved In
  • I just changed providers and transferred out my phone number (a week before the end of my 2 year Telus contract).

  • I am now looking to exercise my Bring-it-back option and return my Telus phone to avoid paying the balance on it.

  • The Telus in-store staff (Rockland shopping center) told me that this could not be done in store (given that my contract cancelled when my phone number was transferred out) and that I had to call customer support.

  • The call-centre staff are also saying that I can no longer exercise the Bring-it-back option given that my contract is cancelled.
  • This is in contradiction with my contract which indicates the following: 1) I have until January 3rd to return my phone 2) if my contract is cancelled, I can return my phone to Telus or pay the balance on it (see attachment)

Please advise in regards to how to proceed!




Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @tsowilliams1 

The Bring-it-Back return request must be completed with an agent over the phone/ rep store,  while the line is still active (before canceling/ porting out)