Essential Phone - Security Updates/Credit


I purchased the Essential Phone in September. Since then Android has released 2 security patch updates; however, Telus has yet to push them through. All other carriers in North America have released the update. If I take out the Telus sim card and put in a sim card from another carrier, the security updates come through immediately. Has Telus given up entirely on updating the Essential Phone? 


Also, Essential has offered early adopters (those who purchased the phone via their own webstore, Amazon, Best Buy, etc) a $300 credit. However, Telus is not on the list and apparently the offering will be coming. Will Telus customers actually ever see the credit offering? 



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I expect if Essential provides the credit to Telus, they will flow it though to end users who purchased early.


Since Telus is the only carrier in Canada to carry the Essential Phone, it is possible updates to the OS have not been released to Canada yet, so Telus may have nothing to release.


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Telus is the only carrier in Canada offering the Essential Phone, so no, swapping in another SIM will NOT get you the updates.
Once Essential releases the update(s) to Telus, Telus will test them and push them out. They sold very little of the Essential Phone however, so it may be on the back burner.

As for the credit, I believe it’s a website credit towards another purchase via Essential directly. Not a cash back credit. It’s also USA only at the moment.

Telus is still actively selling the Essential Phone. It doesn't matter if they sold 1 or 5000, all purchasers of the Essential Phone deserve the update that addresses KRACK immediately. I have confirmed with Essential that the update has been released " all carriers" many weeks ago. The bottom line is that Telus' business model is to sell you a new device, not support the one you already bought. The sad part is that all carriers are the same in Canada (and the US) when it comes to this. The CRTC ought to step in here to ensure Canadians who buy devices from the carriers are guaranteed timely security patches. Period. Unfortunately, the CRTC is useless and is now run by a former Telus exec. **shakes head**.

Sorry, your plain wrong. I put in a working Rogers sim card, within 5 minutes I received the November security update. Nothing else worked and God knows I tried
Throw in a working sim card from another CDN carrier, it will download within 5-10 minutes. I saw this on a email chain somewhere when I was researching Telus updates, worked like a charm