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Cannot receive phone calls


well it sucks pretty bad when my mother is in the hospital with life threatening issues and i cannot receive phone calls and or make them all i get is dead air or super fast busy signals( not out of the norm on busy servers) but when and or if i miss a call that something has happened to her there will be trouble brewing.... i am going o the telus store tomorrow and see what they suggest and if need be i will be updating my phone i just hope they don't make me sign up for a new contract i haven't even been in this one for a year yet.... this phone will meet the end of a pick axe or be subjected to something ever more disastrous like the sharp end of a miter saw if they don't figure out what is wrong with it... such a shame i should have gone with the iphone before i made the rash decision to go samsung s7 edge( the salesman even tried to talk me out of buying this phone ) but i didn't listen



@Mustang_Driver That's unfortunate that you are having issues. Hopefully it's something simple that they can sort out.

The S7 Edge is a great phone. My wife has had more issues with her iPhone 7 then I ever did with my S7 Edge, so iPhones aren't perfect either. All phones can have issues. Have you tried a factory reset? I know it sucks have to put everything back on your phone, but it may fix your issues.

yes i did the hard factory reset, clear cache,soft reset, calls to tech support where they had me turn the phone off they did something on their end and ask me to turn it back on that works till the security patch then the phone started acting up all over again

Have you tried going into the APN settings and resetting to the default APN?

I have noticed issues after any OTA in the past. I normally do a factory reset after an update.


Also, I would recommend resetting the network settings (network settings only, NOT a full wipe). You will have to re-enter your wifi passwords after though, it forgets all wifi and bluetooth pairings.