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Broken screen and water damaged S6 edge


I own a S6 edge and I used to love it. But I dropped my phone and cracked my screen and it slip into the salt water. And it will never turn back on again. So what are my options and how much do I have to pay for that? And I don't have protection plan so I couldn't ask Telus to replace the phone for free.



CPU Alum
CPU Alum

Was this a recent purchase on a credit card?   Some premium credit cards offer coverage.

it is on a credit card but I don't think my card is premium... so I guess I am out of luck now.

Community Power User
Community Power User

You could also see if it is covered by your household insurance.


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I'm going through house insurance for a water damage claim (flood) at the moment. Trust me, you don't want to use it for something as cheap as a phone. Your deductibles skyrocket and premiums go up on your first claim.

ya I don't think it's a good idea the make the claim for only a phone. I am connecting Samsung now they told me to go to local authorized service center with my receipt and have a physical diagnosis of my phone. will keep you guys updated. I think I will also send an email or phone telus about my accident later.