Best to buy 'cellular iPad' if adding to existing mobility account?


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I have had a Telus Mobility account for a number of years (iPhone). I want to invest in an iPad for business purposes and am trying to figure out if it would be better to get the 'cellular' enabled iPad or not. I wish to add the new iPad to my current plan somehow as I probably have enough data already.


What is the solution? I don't really like tethering to my phone if I don't have to. I would be using the iPad in various locations and don't want the hassle of losing the connection, etc.

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Hey, Let me tell you now with the newest plans you can get your ipad activated and purchase data add on for the entire account. which means you will be able to use cellular data on your ipad without tethering it with your iphone. Smiley Happy you can get one of those plans as by today if you want!
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Some thoughts....
-iPad cellular will offer better battery life compared to the hotspot on your phone.
-when you upgrade to another iPad, do you want to pay a premium for the cellular model? For this reason I choose to get the wifi version.
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@Pamley if you want to do that you need to have a phone with the new much more expensive plans. I don't know if you can still get a flex data plan for the iPad which would be the best bet. I would say go for it as hotspoting on your phone murders the battery, i use to be able to for 3~ hours on an iPhone 4 and i get aybe 1.5~ on my Nexus 4 just doing hotspot, it uses a lot of battery.


Yes actually he can get one of newest plans and get data add on on his account to share data on 2 lines. for the ipad he will be paying $10.


Telus as well has flex plan for tablets which is going to work on this way:



Tier | Montly Rate | Data usage  | Additional charge based on tier | Total Charges |
1     |         $5          | up to 10MB |                        n/a                           |           $5            |
2     |                        |up to 100MB|                        $5                           |           $10          |
3     |                        |  up to 1GB   |                      $15                           |           $20          |
4     |                        |  up to 3GB   |                      $ 30                          |           $35          |
5     |                        |  up to 5GB   |                      $50                           |    $50 + data     |
                                                                                                                   overage 5¢/MB


Note: that flex plans cannot be shareable with other line on the account.



If he has an iphone he can have Unlimited Nationwide Calling $55 + $45 2GB + $10 for Tablet Share plan. Would be Spending $110 (prior taxes per month)  But he can share data between members and at the same time saving battery life on his iphone. Smiley Happy


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Okay great thanks, I was unsure if the tablet flex plans stayed with the share plans. I would suggest to get a flex plan so you can find out how much data you actualyl need on the iPad.