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wifi cutting out for 20 seconds every hour exact same minutes past the hour


Having a problem that no one has a clue what to do about. My wifi cuts out for about 20 seconds every hour, the same number of minutes past the hours, but a different number of minutes past the hour each day. So one day, it will be 23 minutes past the hour - 9:23, 10:23, 11: 23, etc. But tomorrow it will be 47 minutes past. 1:47, 2:47, 3:47.  Just a quick interruption, but enough to disconnect me or freeze my video call (work) or disconnect my game  (not at work) or whatever


I have verified it happens on multiple devices (laptop, ipad) so it's not device specific. 


I have fibre 150, with main box in the basement and 2 TELUS extenders - one on main floor and one on upper floor. Also have TELUS TV.


Gratefully accepting thoughts and ideas. 


Community Power User
Community Power User

Which Telus router do you have? The T3200 (black) or the Home Wifi Hub (white)? Are you using any wifi extenders or Telus Boost?

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The white hub and TELUS boost with 2 extenders

Any solution to this common problem?


That is a bit peculiar! Did you try the troubleshooting steps at and test?


I have followed those instructions a couple of times, killing the router, the Boost and the Telus AP all and restarting them all and I still have devices that connect to the Boosts, but in time they loose connection thus causing no internet connection. These devices range from laptops to Raspberry Pi's to IOT devices. 

I also reset the router to factory settings prior to rebooting.