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switch from internet 50 to purefibre

Just Moved In

When I go to "Manage internet plan" under my Telus account I only see Telus Internet XX plans (where XX is a number).


Is it possible to switch PureFibre?

Do I need to go to Telus store?

Does it cost extra, say to switch from Telus Internet 50 to PureFibre 75?





@phoxd  First things first you have to go (SHOP) on top of this page then fiber internet  and enter your address to see if you have fiber on your street. The best we can do we are customers only here.  Then if available do your order on line or phone possible bundle - tv --phone -- internet -- your choice. I don't know if the stores do this. Should be no cost to you but there will be a contract 2-3 years? Compare your apples for best deal.  Polecat