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New Installation - Not a TELUS customer, yet

Just Moved In

Newbie here… is this the place to ask TELUS some questions.

The ground utility box is directly in our front yard. Last year, some neighbors had fibre-opti cable installations and I saw the technicians making connections at that ground utility box.


I have TELUS copper wire junction box on the interior side of the garage wall. I can see bunch of copper wires going down the cavity of the wall. Therefore I assume that the wires run down and through a conduit to the front yard ground utility box.




1) Can your technician verify that a new fibre-opti cable can be fished through the same conduit, with or without visiting our address?


2) Understand that your current practice (June 2020) does not allow TELUS installation technicians to enter the customer’s house. On appointment day, if I open the garage overhead door and close off all other garage interior/side doors, can your technician carry out the installation work?


Thank you. 🙂



@william2020  Don't assume there is a conduit possibly only a long sweep 90 then direct burial. Talk with your neighbour and see if they  fiber cable (not copper) into their house with an ont.  FTTH fiber to the house----FFTN fiber to the node  (ground junction box or upright junction box) . At the junctions they transition somehow  to old  copper lines so not true fiber to the house but still works well.( old appt blocks have this done no conduits to appts just copper wire or old coax) Check cut the drywall and see how it goes out of the house dig out side carefully an see conduit or direct burial. If conduit  lucky If fiber is in the box but not ground  you could dig a trench to house and place conduit  to house or direct bury if telus allows. Older subs  all was direct burial and its coming back haunt power cable and phone.  Power tel cable in same trench power should be at 3ft rest at 2ft. If you change phone to pure fiber and you have conduit i am sure they wiil use the copper wires to pull a fiber cable. Polecat


Some neighbours have new conduits installed for fibre-opti. Some have existing conduits for the copper wires. 

Thanks for Polecat's rather accurate explanation.

I will have to wait for Telus's technician to verify on site.