I just started receiving emails via "", telling me I have received a message from a Telus phone. It gives no identification of the sender other than the phone number. As well it also lists all the other phone numbers it was sent to, as well as our email address. Our phone number is not listed but our email address is. This comes with a list of 20 - 25 phone numbers which are then on the internet and in our email. I assume everyone on the list of phone numbers receives the same list. so now our email address is spread to 20 - 25 new locations out there.


Message to Telus.  STOP IT !!!!!!


Unless I can identify the phone number of the sender I will not be opening these emails but deleting these emails immediately as possible spam or malware.


Message to Telus. If this is a new messaging service from Telus you need to work on it !!!   It is unacceptable that it lists all recipients.






It sounds like you may have voicemail to email enabled. More info here:


Receive voicemails as text messages or emails | TELUS Support



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Community Power User

The is a means for computer users to send a text from a computer to a cellular phone. It is a necessary and standard protocol for sending messages. It looks like you are part of someone's distraction list. The wisest step is to ask the sender to cease sending.


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Open the SMS app on your phone. In the TO field put in your email address instead of a phone number and send a message. You will receive the message at that email address.


Anyone with your email address can do this including spammers using any other carrier or a computer connected to any SMS gateway.


Complaining about this to Telus is pointless. It's a legitimate service provided by all carriers.