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how do I open a port

Just Moved In

Trying to open port.  Went to Firewall -> Special Applications and then entered in the 2 ports ,I want to open, but it's asking me for a public port.  What should I use as the public port?


Community Power User
Community Power User

Usually the local port and the public port numbers are the same. There are some rare cases where you'd need to change one or both ports but it really depends on what you're trying to do.


If you still have questions, please include the below information as there are likely other forum members that have experience with specific hardware and software that needs ports forwarded.

  1. Which router / gateway do you have from Telus?
  2. If you log into the router / gateway, is the IPv4 WAN IP the same as what you see when you go here? (Please do not post your IP here as this is a public forum.)
  3. What program / server / game are you trying to set up forwarding for?
  4. Which port numbers are you needing to forward? Normally the instructions for the software you're using will have those details. 

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