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Wifi working but ethernet not

Just Moved In
For the past year I've had my PC connected to the our T3200M router with no issues. Last night I was in a discord call and at about 8pm I was disconnected from it. I thought it was just a discord issue, but upon trying to access the internet through any other application I realized something was up. I use windows 10, so I hovered over the connection icon in the bottom right and it told me (and still tells me) I have internet access. I tried changing ethernet cables, but to no avail. I then restarted the router, however that didn't work either. Throughout this whole ordeal the wifi has been working perfectly fine. How can I fix this?


Can you access the router web page from your PC over Ethernet?

Community Power User
Community Power User

Restart the PC?

Try plugging the ethernet cable into a different computer/laptop and see if the Internet works.