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When will PureFiber come to area

Just Moved In

I have been a customer of TELUS  for a very long time. My home hardline, cell, TV and Internet. In fact my email ends with Here is what is bothering me. I asked when to expect Purefiber in my area, Pennsbrooke. Marlborough along 52 street NE has new PureFiber lines so I was hopeful it would be in the near future in my area. However, I was told that if I could get 85% of my area interested this could expedite the process.

This I find outrageous for me to promote one of the big three products in any fashion. All the years I have been with TELUS at the time I did there were no promotions like a free TV or anything. Only four situations were I required support, once threatened of a 120.00 dollar service fee if the problem was do to something I done. All four incidents were resolved and I forced compensation because they were to find that I was a trained, experienced telecommunication expert well beyond anyone to argue with. My neighbors and I have decided that whom ever brings fiber to our area will get all our business immediately, As for TELUS PureFiber, we would expect better than a same discount. I will also be testing the speed of the service and I am not fooled by the can be up to speeds promises.



Community Manager
Community Manager
We're always working on expanding our PureFibre network as quickly as possible. While we can't give a definitive timeframe for a specific location here, we recommend filling out the form over at and getting your neighbours to do so as well! When Fibre is available, we'll let you know!

That's the rub I'm handicapped and cannot and will not check if my neighbor has filled out your request forms I have thats all I can do