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Was I sold a plan that isn't available in my area?

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Just over a year ago my two year plan had lapsed and a Telus agent sold me on a 150mbps plan - upgrading from the 75mbps plan I had been on prior. Since that day, I have not once seen speeds in excess of 80mbps. I'd hate to admit how much time I have spent troubleshooting this with the team at Telus - but I had pretty much given up all hope of the issue being resolved.


I was curious about Fibre availability in my area and today I typed in my home address to the Telus site. I was shown only a few plans, the absolute fastest of which was Internet 75. Nowhere do I see the option to select Internet 150 or anything faster - unless I change my address to something entirely different.


Was I sold a plan that isn't even available in my area? 


Do you have an ONT? If not you’re not on fibre.

I'm aware I'm not on Fibre. I was looking into the availability of Fibre which led me to notice that the plan I am paying for (Internet 150) is seemingly not offered to new customers within my area. 

Internet 150 is only available on fibre so you should be on the phone with them and getting a refund for the months you were charged for a product not available where you live.

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@buckycat   Not true internet 150 Copper service is/was available in certain areas. I currently have internet 150 on a bonded service. That plan has since been removed but it certainly was available.

@WestCoasterBC  When i moved to fiber i kept 15/15 with 150 gb but  found was going over gb each month so upping to 25/25 300gb  was the best cost for us. This is plenty for what we us the service for. Polecat

What’s the upload speed for 150 on copper?

@buckycat  I will give you all the copper   (15 dl------ 5up)     ( 25dl------10up )    (50dn----15up)      (75dn-  20up)        (100dn- 25up )    (150dn- 30up.) IF THESE WERE ON FIBER DOWN AND UP WILL BE THE SAME (150 DN-150UP).   You can have these on fiber. I have 25/25  with 29 down and 29 up all the time.  Note 150 on copper uses a bonded copper line. The line into your house has 4 copper wires in it. They parallel the wires to get the speed up to 150. How do find $ cost of these other speeds  i don't know. Polecat

Thanks. I’m moving to a new place in two weeks and I’m getting internet 100 on copper going from 300 on fibre. I asked the agent why there was no info online about internet 100 and was told it’s not advertised.

@buckycat  I had all that info on folder in the web mail but it never arrived in gmail. Just a list i had saved with speeds and the cost would be only a reference now. It was accurate then showing telus shaw bell and s few more providers. Polecat


@cl11 @buckycat  I had all the internet plans and speeds stored on a folder in webmail lost it in the transfer. Went on chat here are  the results. COPPER FIRST - 15-25-50-75-100-150- These are download speeds. Upload for 150 is 30mbs.  Anything above 150 is on fiber same speed down as up. 15 through 150 can also be on fiber also. I have 25/25 constant 29 down 29 up for many years fast enough for us also the price. Copper phone # 310 2255 or1-800-400-2598------------------------fiber#  1-855-595-5588. Hope you find an answer.  Fiber goes from 15/15 to 750/750 and i think even higher . Polecat


@cl11  It could be possible that some speeds are not available because of telus  infrastructure it different areas. The sales person possibly would not be aware of this due to out of date system updates


I think when I was on 150 it was bonded - eg two 75 lines coming into my router. You may want to check to see if that's the case, and if not see if they can arrange for the second line to be connected.