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Vacation Suspension for TV


Tried to do the usual  vacation suspension for my TV this year and was told I had to suspend my phone as well.  Also I would lose all my discounts and loyalty credits on my account when the suspension ends. My land line call forwards to my cell (Telus Mobility) and I need certain calls to go through. Having the land line also gives me a credit towards my home security (also Telus) so it's basically free. Maybe I got a "new" agent?  Ended up putting TV on Essentials only and leaving it active because loosing my existing discounts would cost me more than the savings on TV suspension. I know - I have too many eggs in the Telus basket!  Has anyone else set up vacation suspension lately?



Isn't all NON-essential travel banned right now - Sorry?

Thanks but I can't mark that reply as helpful. Telus chose the name for this service - it is not always for vacations. I had moved before the provincial restrictions were implemented and was trying to activate the service from my "away" location. Had tried several weeks earlier and that agent said I had to do it on the day of suspension because they no longer book ahead.  Who has time to sit on hold for Telus on a moving day? He got rid of my call anyway lol.   I suspect Telus has a lot of inexperienced agents right now who have to deal with "Covid weary" customers .  Will let it go until things return to normal (hopefully)