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Using own Asus router but using Telus MOCA adaptors

Just Moved In
Having some trouble connecting to the internet through the Telus boost wifi adapters. Wondering if it's possible to use my Asus routers with AI mesh instead of the Telus adapters.

I would like to set up the Asus routers with hardwire instead of using wifi. Right now I have the Telus boosters hardwired with the MOCA adaptors. How can I use these adapters with my own routers?


Are you solving the right problem? If you are having issues getting to the Internet it's different than having issues connecting to WiFi. Replacing the WiFi boost will likey not address the Internet issue.


As for connecting a router to the MoCA adapter just plug an Ethernet cable from the MoCA to the WAN on the router. You need to understand the different modes the router can be configured for and which mode suites your needs.