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Using Boosters to boost guest & smart device subnets? Or only main network? (white cylinder modem)


Hey all, I have the wifi hub modem from Telus (it's white, shaped like a cylinder), and I've gone through the Admin options to enable both the Guest network and the Smart Device network. I also have boosters connected - each of them with wired connections and all with "excellent" signal strength.


I'm currently trying to connect a device to my enabled "smart device" subnet. This isn't the first time I've connected to this subnet - I have several other devices in the house currently connected. I'm now trying to connect some devices out in the yard to that subnet, a bit of a distance from where the router is. However, I'm right beside a wired booster that has "excellent" signal strength, and I can connect to the main network here just fine.


Any idea why I can't connect to the smart device subnet when I'm within the range of my boosters? Do the boosters not boost the signal for these subnets? Or is there any way to get them to?


Thanks in advance!



Update - when i look in the router's admin interface to see which devices I've connected, it looks like all the devices that are connected to "guest" and "smart device" subnets are all connected directly to the router - none of them are connected to boosters. That leads me to believe the boosters are not boosting the subnets - just the main network.


Can anyone confirm?


Is there any way to boost the subnets?

As far as I have seen there's no way to configure which network the Boosts support. I think the guest is only driven by the router and the Boosts will focus on the primary network. You might want to try getting a dedicated separate router to bridge off the Telus router to run your smart devices.

Shoot. That's what I feared. It would be nice if the boosters could boost each of the networks being broadcasted by the hub. Seems like it defeats the purpose of having the subnets available in the first place. Bummer!


Note to Telus - consider providing boosters that boost these networks too.