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Upgraded Smart Hub Question


Hey All,


For anyone who has the new 5G Smart Hub, can anyone say whether the hardware supports a bridge mode? I currently have the old LTE hub and I'm considering upgrading to take advantage of the speeds and the unlimited data plan but I'd prefer to use my own router and setup an extra AP out in the garage however I can't find much info on the new hardware itself.





For an AP, you don't need to setup bridge mode with a router. If the Telus router/Hub has a ethernet port you can connect another router/AP to it, or a wireless extender to said hub.

True but I also want to get a UniFi setup as well and use their hardware as the primary devices rather than the Telus all in one.

Which Unifi device? A switch, an AP? All of which I'm pretty sure doesn't require bridging. What is the exact signal/equipment path you want to use?

Switches along with an AP or two, depending on which ones I go with and the effective range/pricing/etc.

Main routing device would be a Dream Machine or Dream Machine Pro, haven't quite decided on that one as it depends on which one is in stock and I can actually get my hands on.


I'm looking to use my own hardware for the actual network side of things, not the Telus device. I only want the signal passed through from the Telus device, nothing more. I want my Ubuiqiti device doing the routing and all the networking config.

Well I'm sure you can get everything you want without bridging. Just in case you can't do it with the device they give you, whatever that is, an ONT/Router/WiFi Hub. What is it you think or know that you are going to benefit from by using your own router as the actual WAN side to WLAN/LAN as a singular device? The New Telus Hubs and ONTs are all 2.5Gbe


I personally was looking to try to future proof (within reason) my new home's Network/WiFi, by getting a 10Gbe x 2.5Gbe multiport POE switch and some 2.5Gbe APs, but that's it, I'll use the Telus ONT and or Router/Hub as the WAN side as long as I can connect to it/them with the 2,5Gbe port from either one of them as need be. I have no know reason or need to use my own ONT/Router for the WAN side.



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Kamak, what does an ONT / Wifi Hub / fibre etc. have to do with a cellular Smart Hub? The OP specifically mentioned "LTE hub" and "5G Smart Hub". It has nothing to do with fibre. 

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Wow dude, you got some attitude don't you? What's your beef? You can't even give you a Kudo here and there and you're all over me like stink on @#$@#. Did you even read the OP's request? He wants to bridge a router to the router that would come with a 5G modem setup. Really nothing to do with the modem 5G side of it. I gave him my advice about router bridging and AP and not to or to do bridging. Do you even read the entire threads? Am I stepping on your realm of Telus Community Forum domination. Suck it.


5G modems come with WiFi/Routers for in home networking, you know that right?


First and foremost did you even give the OP some words of wisdom thy lord?


Do you have this existing unit:

I was told that the in-house WiFi unit shown here is an older Hub, but maybe it's not as old as the equipment you have.

Do you know the exact equipment that you will be getting?