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smart hub use in trailer


Curious if the smart hub is able to be installed in a camper/trailer. We are building our house on our plot of land and are in an eligible spot for smart hub use but will not have a proper building for the next 6 + months. I am hoping we can still have access to smart hub services in our trailer which is equipped with a power source. I can't find any clear answers as to whether this would be possible or not? I had hoped we could simply purchase it and instal it ourselves but over the phone I was told a tech would be needed for instal.



I would assume, if you're allowed to have utilities installed on the property, electrical, and the main Telus lines are running adjacent to your property, I would say they will bring you a service to anywhere on your property you wish. They might still have to come back in the future to switch it to your newly built house, at an extra cost, or do it yourself. That said, it might depend on if it is overhead lines or in ground lines? They might not be willing, at their expense, to bring it a greater distance than what it would be if they were bringing it to the exact final spot for the new house. You might have to pay some kind of added fee.

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Community Power User

There should be no issue using the Smart Hub in your trailer.

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