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Union Bay Estates / Kennsington Developements Fibre Connection?


Im just going through past announcements ect and it suggest that union bay will have 14,000 new single family units when they construction of all the residential is over.  You can see the groundwork for all this playing it self out now with street lamps, roadway and the leveling of dirt in order to prepare for more condos, and residentials.  My question is that according to this fibre would be needed to expand and connect the killmarnock district etc for kennsington properties etc for union bay estates nearly 2000 acres I believe.  To make a long story short I signed up to be one of the expansion homes on fiber list and wondering if you wouldn't mind just connecting me first on the way to union bay estates.  Thanks.



@cryptoinvestor  We are customers only on this site so you will have to contact telus. Love to help if we could.

I contacted telus and no one will give me specific information on when they will be laying new fibre lines to the construction going on.  I am sure this must happen fairly soon as it is going to be built on soon I just can't seem to find the right person at telus to tell me the timeframe.

No one at Telus will be providing you a timeframe. They will only announce when fibre is available in an area. There is a very long list of communities waiting for fibre as it is and there is no exact timeframe for how long it'll take to lay fibre in each of them.

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I just got off the phone yet again with telus some of the developers steered me in the right direction and I actually got a set time that they will be expanding the fibre lines and they even told me when it will be going through.  It was someone from the chinese community that helped me out the most I couldn't believe how helpful and friendly she was on the phone.  Apparently they told me the month the truck is going to start deploying the new line I guess things are moving fast for the development there.  They said with over 4000 single family homes in plans they had to do something quick and they put me on the list for priority connect I guess things are just differnet at telus so fast knowledgeable and quick to help its just what I have come to expect from them the last few months I switched to them.

That development has literally been a graded dirt pile with services for years. It's a 10-15 year build out for the project if and when it gets going. They already missed phase 1 target. Till the builder actually gets things rolling with physical buildings, i don't imagine fibre is rolling out that way.

I believe your just miss informed I have the dates here its happening soon I can't say when in public but your going to see people move in soon.  Its truly amazing whats happening there. This is going to do amazing things for the economy surrounding union bay. 

All info is available on CRVD, there is a lot of regulatory hurdles in place. that have been going on for years. If and when i agree it will be a nice addition to the valley, till then it's still a project in massive wait times. Just being realistic on what i know from actual sources on the development.

Its unfortunate your just wrong that happens allot that I noticed on this board.  I'm sure it will just be a few short spells before we start to see the construction phase.  Good luck with whatever you do westcoasterbc I mean that.  

@cryptoinvestor  Front page Telus fiber coming to town--- 3 years later first fiber service connected. My experience.