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Telus wifi hub modem needs a reboot once a day.

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Ive had this problem for several months now, I’ve used telus for years and have had this same problem on other modems as well.

My devices are perfectly fine, we have multiple devices connexted on ethernet and different types of devices working on wifi as well. The only possible issue is our modem.

Once a day, the modem needs a reboot as nee connections no longer work.
Say im playing a game or watching a youtube video, those connections will stay working until refreshed, but trying to connect to anything else will not load. Our devices will have a perfectly fine connection and whatever we had loaded will stay working, but cannot connect to anything new until the modem is rebooted when this happens.

I have not touched many settings other than turning off 5g, as (off topic) this terrible modem does not have compatibility to split 5g and 2.5g connections into different ssid connections, which is unbelievably stupid btw. That should absolutely be fixed, i should not have to tank my wifi connections to have smart devices running properly on our network.

We have good connectivity, it is not a loose cable or anything like that. The power outlet its connected to is stable and has no issues.

This happens upwards of 3 times a day sometimes and is quite aggrivating having to reboot each day especially as we pay lots for a gig up and down. - infinite bandwith as well.

S/N: ARCA92128491
Model: Telus Wi-fi Hub

Just Moved In
thank u for replying 🙂 ! solid work


I have the same problem and haven't found a solution yet.  Any help will be appreciated.

Community Power User
Community Power User

Possibly requesting a new hub is the best option. My unit has been up since the last power outage without issue.


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Thank you - I'll request one.



How about the wired connection? There may be your router which provide the wifi for your devices.