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Just Moved In

I migrated to the Google Suite a couple months ago with no issue, everything has been working fine.


Today on my android phone I got a notification that my account requires me to sign up for an Android Device Policy, wtf?  Why would I ever allow Telus to manage my private device and WHY are they even asking to?


Anyone else confused by this?  Hoping this is just a glitch.



I got this too. I installed it thinking it would show me what permissions it would get but it never did.

So it stopped asking for it about 5 minutes ago (half an hour after it started asking), hoping it was just a glitch.


You installed it then but it didn't even tell you what it was capable of doing?

It appears to have setup a Work profile with different apps.

I disabled and uninstalled it. Someone on the admin side must have turned the setting on by mistake. Hopefully they fixed it.