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Telus email account management


Man, I am super pissed off. I rarely use my Telus email accounts, but after getting more than a few notifications about it, etc, I decided, for security's sake, I should check on my services.  I have forwarding turned on for my Telus account to forward to my gmail.  Always have, and thus the major email screwup they had never really did affect me.


So I see that I have 2 extra accounts that I created years ago, and wanted to remove those accounts that are part of my plans "10 email addresses".  Managing this stuff used to be self-directed.  Looking through these forums, I can see 2+ years ago they seem to have removed that option.  OVER TWO YEARS AGO!!!  They still do not have self-directed control of those accounts.


Now this is where I'm getting even more pissed off.  I thought I'd start a chat to get the changes made, instead of spending hours on hold.  Nope, no humans on chat anymore.  Now I have to call in.  I call in, and the IVR puts me in with retention.  WHAT THE HELL????  Retention says I need tech support.  I tell them I'm not waiting on hold, because retention took close to 40 minutes to answer.  45 minutes later, I get a call back from retention, to a tech support person.  That person then tells me that they do not deal with email accounts.  WHAT IN THE ABSOLUTE F*CK!?!.  Then they call me back again finally with someone who can delete some email addresses that are not in use, and guess what...they cannot do it either, because it's not showing up in their interface.  There is some back end that yet again, someone else has to go in and remove this.  


I would LOVE for some top brass from Telus have to have issues and actually call in and see how smooth this operation crawls, like a geriatric invalid moving over broken glass.  Rant over, but for those who actually use Telus Email, I'd get off that godforsaken platform altogether and demand my internet bill be lowered due to not using those **bleep**ty services that even they have trouble controlling.



@DeanDThank you for giving me a chuckle this afternoon! I had been looking to add an account to my Telus account. There didn't seem to be any way to do it via MyTelus so, like you, I clicked on the little "Chat" box - ha! I don't think it understands plain English. It couldn't understand "add email account"!! So I concluded that I was going to have to make a phone call. However, after reading your post, I think I shall postpone the pain for a while - I do not like waiting on hold. There are certainly seem to be a lot of lapses in customer support with Telus these days. Too bad.