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Telus and bad routing?

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I play a game that requires low latency. The servers I connect to in order to play with my peers are located in Chicago, Denver, and Dallas. Chicago, among the server list, has the best ping with a consistent 40-60ms, all is good, I do not mind. Denver and Dallas have always been around 60-80ms. Recently, I've noticed that Chicago servers have gone up in latency, averaging at about 60-70ms. Can telus please fix their routing or whatever it is they are doing to throttle latency? I am considering switching to Shaw, which I've heard about their good latency.

Telus needs to fix their routing issues. I've contacted the service I use in order to connect to these servers, and it's not their servers but ISP issues. This is destroying the competitive scene for gamers as high ping is detrimental to response time in-game.

Before anyone replies that it's on my end, I can assure you it's not. PC is ethernet, lines are good, and the router isn't from Telus.


Community Power User
Community Power User

If the Chicago servers were originally giving you up to 60ms to begin with, does an increase to 70ms really affect game play that much? For the games I play with Chicago based servers, I typically see 55-60ms average.


Simply saying Telus needs to fix their routing isn't going to fix the issue because there are a huge list of servers in Chicago across many hosts/providers, connections and routes. They all won't have the same issue. It may not even be a routing issue causing the small increase in latency. The cause may very well also be outside of Telus' network as well. You need to provide more specific information to even begin to diagnose the problem. 


  1. Which game(s)?
  2. Which platform? (PC, Xbox, PS4, etc)
  3. Do you have the server addresses?
  4. Have you contacted support for the game? (even though they're typically useless for latency issues)
  5. Are you just going by in game latency or if not, how are you testing it?
  6. Which router are you using? How is your connection set up?


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