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Telus Wi-Fi Hub Missing speed tests.


I logged into my Wi-Fi hub from both the app and direct to the modem. The speed test function is no longer available. Does anyone know where this went to? For a week I was only getting about 500mbps on the 940 plan. Now I can't really test it direct to the modem. Any thoughts or ideas?


Just Moved In

if you are running thru the Hub my suggestion and what I  do is I use the competitions speed tests dont use the same as who your providers use they can be manipulated to show you what you want to see not what actually is... 

I usually run directly through the hub for consistency. For about a week I was only getting 50% of my download to the hub. Eliminating all other equipment/connections helps to narrow where the problem is originating. Since that service call I no longer have access to run speed tests to the router directly through the My Wi-Fi App. The option is completely gone.