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Telus Unable to Fix Home Phone Line


I have varying problems on my home hone line from some static, to no dial tone, unable to receive incoming calls, or make outgoing calls. Basically, it is a problem with the older lines in my neighbourhood near the water on Vancouver Island.


For the last 1.5 years I have called Telus multiple times, had 8-10 technicians out, and the issue has never been fixed. I repeat the description of the problem to each technician, watch them check and confirm with a Lineman's handset at the pole at the front of my property that the issue is with the line coming into the property. I was also have watched each technician repeat the same steps of making new connections/terminations/splices on my property, up the pole across the road, and at the neighbourhood junction box up the block. Usually, by the end of the 1-2 hour appointment the line seems to be better (less static or almost clear). Within 1-6 weeks the problem comes back again (seems to be connected with changing weather), where it gets worse over a few days until the phone line is unusable (cannot receive or make calls at all).


Getting frustrated that this just goes around in circles, I have tried the "Escalate to Management" contact on the Telus website. They just booked a "senior technician" that came out and did the same things as the others. In the end, I had one technician say Optic Fibre is coming soon to your area and you could switch to that (but it is still not available in my area). Other technicians have said the area is old and near the water, so the lines are not in the best shape. Other technicians have said this will need to be referred to "Cable Management" to basically fix/install new lines in my neighbourhood.


So after paying phone bills for 1.5 years, but only getting a home telephone line that randomly works around 50% of the time, and Telus unable or unwilling to fix the issue, what do I do now? 


Any suggestions?




@ViewRoyalCustomer  I had same trouble it was the lightning arrester a few years ago.Now on fiber.2016. If you have cell service available  Telus has a wireless home phone service for $10.00 a month. It runs on cell sim card and your cordless phone system plugs into it. On the top of this page is a SHOP SITE  have a look at it. Polecat


Community Power User
Community Power User

The Senior tech gave you  the most accurate answer: Telus will be installing Fibre at some future point in your neighbourhood, (and will not be upgrading the copper infrastructure prior to that time). While they can repair the drop to your house, once it gets closer to the exchange, and the wire bundle gets larger, it is not sensibly practical to replace the wiring, given the Fibre upgrade plans.


In the meantime, you could consider Wireless Home Phone if you have a good cellular signal in your area.



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