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Telus Poor Response

Just Moved In

I found a Telus distribution box unlocked and wide open. It is box 3021 A at the intersection of Oakfield Drive and 30St. S.W. IT took me over 30 minutes through various "help" numbers to report this to Telus service. The first contact could not understand that this issue was NOT my Telus account and that it is urgent. It was NOT acceptable to make out a ticket for service at some time in the future. This was an urgent matter. Someone with a knife could, in seconds, disrupt service to hundreds of Telus customers. All of the multicoloured wires were exposed and very vulnerable.


Well done Telus...... keep up the fine training and support.


Community Manager
Community Manager

You can visit the page and from there click on the green 'Report an outage' button on the right side. Then, the right hand 'Report an outage' button with the little antenna icon. From there you can fill out the super quick form and attach a photo (if you have one) and then submit the form which goes immediately to our team to investigate!