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Telus Fibre 1.5 installation

Just Moved In

Okay finally Telus updated our area and I have installation appointment in 2 weeks. I have some question

  1. How do I make the subcontractor  install an underground "drop cable"? I already told the subcontractor, I prefer underground, instead of cutting a thin line in grass and burying the conduit under the grass.
  2. The TV connection: Can they use existing  coaxial cables inside the house? As my basement is developed, I really hate having another sets of cabe running inside my house




@Dan2022  If your house is feed overhead your fiber will be to. They will want the fiber cable in conduit you can't repair a direct buried cable in frozen ground. Be prepared to pay for what you are asking. Also telus does not do network wiring inside the house that yours. You get an ont and a router modem that transmits wifi to run your stuff. Both ont and router require a 120 volt outlet.

Thanks, my house feeder cable is underground. What I am asking is underground drop cable conduit instead of surface buried cable conduit; I don't know whether that makes sense or not.


I do have a router modem, but only one cat cable running from inside of the house from the board(with all the outside connections:  Shaw cable, Telus phone, security system) to the preferred modem location. I guess they will use that cat cable to connect fibre optic cable.


Also, I never had Telus for TV, so I don't know whether Telus TV  cable can be connected to existing coaxial cables.


@Dan2022  You are underground good . The fiber will come into the house in the existing telus conduit unless they direct buried  it ( hope not ). Then they will dig by hand and place a conduit. Inside where your tel & cables are they place the ONT. A cate cable goes from ONT to MODEM ROUTER where you want it or have cate cable run. The wifi will feed the optik receiver or you can use cate from router. Get your  phone hooked to the fiber no cost  (mine is) old copper is being shut down within a few years save another tech visit. If you can place router in a good place for WIFI signal the tech will check that. You will get a new modem router. Phone on fiber will not work during power outage they put a battery backup on mine because i have no cell phone. No big deal neighbour has a cell i can use if needed