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TELUS Wi-Fi Hub port forwarding causes Google Hello doorbell to disconnect


I have Google Nest Hello Doorbell camera  software version 4110055  and a TELUS Wi-Fi Hub v3.00.24 build10.  
If I port forward ANY port to any device on my local network, my Doorbell camera reports that it is offline.   removing the port forward immediately puts the camera back online.  

I'm not sure where to post this, if it's a problem with the nest, or a problem with the wifi router.  I'm not sure if I should set up explicit port forwarding to the nest or how to even try to diagnose this.   If anyone has suggestions it would be appreciated. 

I'm attempting to forward ports 7777, 15777 and 15000 to my NAS which is running a game server, so my friends can connect.  Looking up anything on the Nest doesn't seem to indicate it's using those ports. 


Neighbourhood Alum
Neighbourhood Alum

Hi @dave_b93, sadly we don't offer support on port forwarding.  There are limited assistance we can suggest unless others have been able to find a workaround and be happy to share.  You can see with Nest if they would have alternatives to suggest you.  


It's not clear from your post whether the port forwarding works or not and you are just seeing a strange side effect for your doorbell camera.

It might help if you provide the exact port forwarding configuration you are using.

Do other WiFi devices and smart devices operate normally when the port forward is in place?


Hi xray, 

Yes the port forwarding works, ( with strange side effects ).    Everything else that I have tested, seems to operate normally while port forwarding is in effect. ( the tv still works, laundry machines, google home, lights.  not sure about the thermostat, other computers ) 

What I've been doing is forwarding the ports when I want my friends to be able to get on,  ignoring the doorbell camera, then removing the port forwards afterwards. but obviously that isn't really the best solution. 

I have set up the NAS and the doorbell camera to have static IP's via dhcp in the telus router.   I let it sit for a while just to make sure things could still talk to each other. 
I have tried just forwarding the ports that the doorbell is supposed to want to use to the doorbell.   it immediately goes offline.  
after removing those rules and waiting for the doorbell to come back online,  I've forwarded the ports above to the NAS.  doorbell immediately goes offline. 

it feels like it's some sort of NAT problem with the doorbell, or it's doing something with upnp that gets screwed up as soon as any forwarding is applied. 

putting the doorbell into the DMZ allows it to keep working while forwarding is going on, but i'm not sure if that's a good idea or not. 

the solution seems to be either potentially buy a new router and hope it works with that.  ( or just get one specifically for the doorbell? )  or maybe get a new doorbell

oops I should say, yes the Nest thermostat definitely is still working while forwarding is on. 


It seems connection issues are common for Nest Hello


The issue may be related to UPnP. I wonder if setting up port forwarding on the WiFi Hub disables UPnP. I don't have that router so I can't check.