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TELUS E-mail and Norton Secure VPN - Cannot Send E-mail

Helpful Neighbour


So, due to some previous problems and concerns about e-mail security on less secure WiFi, I've installed Norton Secure VPN. Now - most of the time - when I try to send e-mail from Outlook 2016 on a Windows 10 machine I get a Send/Receive Error. This error ONLY occurs when Norton Secure VPN is ON. When I turn Norton Secure VPN OFF I'm able to send e-mail.


The same problem is also occurring when sending e-mails from iOS devices.


I find this a bit peculiar as Norton Secure VPN is a TELUS RECOMMENDED (and sold) product. How can this be resolved?


Note also that I have Norton Secure VPN to be configured for a Canadian location.


Any assistance on this would be appreciated!


Community Power User
Community Power User

The problem is that when the VPN is on, it is not connecting to your email via your Telus connection. You need to change the settings in Windows Mail so that it can access the mail servers from an external IP.


Compare your current settings to those that Telus recommends.

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