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T3200M - Issue with 5Ghz


Hi There,


I started to having problem with 5Ghz band 2 months ago, unusual drop in connection and since last night 5Ghz is not accepting any connection at all.
Existing connected devices where fine until I reset the modem and now I can not connect to that band at all.


For certain reasons (having old devices inside the network) auto steering is off so I need to have 2 separate WiFi SSID for both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz

I can now use 2.4Ghz and keep working under that radio spectrum but bandwidth is very limited.


I was wondering if anyone has similar issue and how they fixed it.

Multiple reboot and keeping the power off did not help! Please do not tell me to factory reset because I have some firewall rules and DHCP reservation which I do not want to lose 😞


I am running on Firmware v 31.164L.18 


Any help would be appreciated 


What channel is your 5 GHz band using? It's possible a neighbour started using the same channel.

What do you mean by can't connect? You see the SSID but can't log on our you don't see the SSID at all?

I see the SSID and can not connect, wont authenticate (seems to be)

It is not the channel issue, because this issue was super random and I am living in a building that is always busy on wireless signals


This to me seems to be firmware, OS issue with mixture of 5Ghz radio chipset issue


I want to make sure its only me, then I will ask Telus for new modem (hopefully not those "New WiFi" modems)

Did you try changing the password on the 5GHz band?

I was working with the same password 5 hours before it start to act.
So no, I did not change it