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T1200H Bridge Mode not working?


Hi, my ancient Thomson bit the dust and it was replaced by a T1200H. I was running a Dlink di 604 port forwarded (83) for my Security Camera server (Blue Iris). I setup the T1200H in Bridge Mode on port 1 to my Dlink (port 1 to wan input) and now I can't access my server . . . 


Any help much appreciated!!



Just to clarify my too brief message. My security camera service is a separate computer connected to a router which is now connected via bridge mode to the T1200 modem. My network connection and my internet connection are fine on the security camera server. The server computer has it's own IP, etc. The router was previously setup to port forward and worked with the Thomson modem. Nothing has changed except replacing the broken Thomson with the T1200 and setting up the T1200 in bridge mode (port 1 to router WAN). But I can't access the security camera server (tcp) from outside the network (works on the network).


I see other posts on here with people port forwarding successfully with through their T1200's in bridge mode so I think I should be able to run my camera server via bridge mode.


Thanks again for any help.