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Smart Hub for Rural Customers

Just Moved In

have had Telus Hub for just over 2 years, contract is finished so going monthxmonth while waiting for installation of high optic fibre coming to our remote area, before entering any new contracts.  Just spent an hour on the phone asking to top up data plan as outlined on the Telus website.  Transferred to 4 different ppl and they say they top up not available.  Read the text to them as advertised on the website - ie speak to Telus Representative to add data top up.  Did a print screen to send to CRTC . Commission for complaints is upgrading over the weekend, rest assured that a formal complaint will be sent re: Internet  Quality of service  Service not delivered as promised or terms and conditions not being met.  So fed up with Telus. 


Community Manager
Community Manager

@silvie1 There's a number of different plan options that are both active and inactive and some may not be compatible with data top-ups. With a little more information, we might be able to help more. What's the name of the Smart hub plan you're subscribed to?