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Slow speed on booster even when wired?

Hello... I hope I’m able to find a solution here for my problem with the experienced members. I have this weird spot in my basement that I’m unable to get my Telus Booster to maintain acceptable speed. I have Cat6 cable though the house, and I have an outlet in the room next to this one weird area (it’s a studio suite, separated by one interior door). In that basement I have a wall outlet for 1Gbps connection. I’ve tested it with my laptop and I can achieve avg of 750mbps connection. From here, I hardwired with a Cat6 patch cable to a Telus Booster placed on the other side of the door in the studio suite, but I just cannot manage to get the wifi speed past 40mbps. I have 2 other boosters upstairs that’s also wired, both gives me avg 250mbps on wifi. I’ve done a factory reset of the basement booster and made no differences. I’ve switch out known fast boosters from upstairs and place it downstairs and same slow result. What am I doing wrong???

Community Power User
Community Power User

Is there a difference between the booster side of the door, and the suite side of the door?


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@MonkeyRPN  the common thing here is that patch cable. Bad cable bad ends???? Try a wifi signal strength app i use  ( ) shows all nearby wifis and their strength. I your case both 2.5and 5 ghz. Minus 48 0r 50 at  30 feet away good -60 still ok -70 your are on the edge. I have 25/25 with 28 up and down all the time and - 48 using 2.5 ghz at 30 feet The 5ghz is at -72 to -78 at 30 feet. I get -35 at 10 feet.  Correct colors on patch cable? I can see over 30 wifi sites up to 3 blocks away. you might want shut off smart steering on the 3200. Polecat