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Slow download speed.

Friendly Neighbour

Hello, I am on a Telus legacy "Internet 6" plan (DSL via my old & slow land line) and have experienced a decrease in download speed for the past year or so.  I used to get around 5 mbps but now consistently get only around 4.  It was slow enough as it was but even slower and more annoying now.  Calling tech support is of no help as all they tell you is to reset the modem or cycle the power off/on both of which give no improvement.


As well, there appears to be no prospect of an upgrade becoming available such as fibre or cable where I live (close to Calgary in Bearspaw).  Telus periodically calls to try to upgrade me to to their wireless service (at twice the cost) but I'm reluctant to switch as wireless is subject to congestion issues as I understand it and I don't believe I would be allowed to switch back to Internet 6 as it is a legacy offering.


Would appreciate any suggestions (I know my options are limited).


Friendly Neighbour

Your best bet probably is to switch to wireless. Congestion is a reasonable concern but WHIA is only offered on low-use towers towers. You can get an idea of potential speeds just by running a speedtest on a Telus/Koodo phone. Run a few tests over a few days particularly in the evening. And you can still order HS6, its not advertised on the website anymore but there's nothing that prevents it from being ordered. But bear in mind that wireless HS comes with a service agreement if you want the hardware free.