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Slow Speed Refund/Rebate


Since my internet speed is routinely now 20-25% of what I'm paying for, will Telus knock 75% off of the outrageous monthly rate it charges me for internet services? Unlikely, I know. It's curious to me how my internet speed takes a nosedive, and then I suddenly get bombarded with text messages from Telus asking me if my home internet is slow, and how I should sign up for their wi-fi boost program. Seems sketchy.


Community Power User
Community Power User

If your hardwired internet speed is 20 - 25% of advertised, you should contact Telus, especially of on Fibre, as it usually is faster than advertised.


Wi-Fi speeds can be affected by so very many factors in your local environment that more details would be needed of your particular situation to do any troubleshooting.


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